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  • Global Invacom

    Global Invacom

    Formed in 1985 Global Communications (UK) Ltd designed and manufactured products for the emerging satellite TV market. Global were the originators of; multi-switches, frequency extenders/converters, band and channel stackers, the tvLINK and more recently an inexpensive optical distribution solution. Global were industry leaders in, In-Home distribution & control, via coaxial cable and Multiple Set Top-box distribution.

    Invacom Ltd formed in the year 2000 by two former employees of the Marconi/Grundig DBS Group. Their management team has been involved in DBS and Satellite since 1986 and their list of design firsts include; the low cost LNB for BSkyB, the Universal Single and Twin LNBs, more recently the world's first CP/LP (Circular and Linear simultaneous reception) LNB, the 'Whole Band LNB' and most recently the first cost effective 'Optical LNB'.

    Both companies have grown in name and stature, and in April 2008 they joined forces to become 'global invacom' one of the world's largest manufacturers and Suppliers of Satellite and TV peripheral equipment. Using innovative technology and state of the art laboratories, we now provide over 5 million low cost, high quality products worldwide. Our dedicated team offer the best service possible to always provide the correct solution to our customer's requirements.

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